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Creating strategically aligned and engaged workplaces.

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Employee Engagement First

There are three keys to strong workforces: Engaged individuals with strong job fit, empowering managers, and systems that support their work. Research has shown that workplaces that commit to these keys are likely to show higher productivity, lower turnover, and more discretionary effort. Our tailored approach begins with a simple assessment to gauge job fit and engagement.

  • Business Problem

    Traditional employee engagement surveys only measure group engagement issues. They ignore crucial individual data and assume that only managers are responsible for employee engagement outcomes.

  • Unique Approach

    We measure the intrinsic behavioural factors that drive individual engagement for each employee, and identify gaps between important employee expectations, supporting behaviours and current fulfilment levels.

  • Shared Responsibility

    This approach fosters a culture of shared responsibility between an employee and the organisation, through their manager. It facilitates rich conversations between employees and managers.

  • Strategic Alignment

    Engagement is maximised in a coherent approach aligned with the organisation's extrinsic factors. A rich set of interactive analytics supports bottom-up and top-down strategies and goal setting at the organisational and team levels.

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Partnering with Clients

Are you committed to change? Are you open to looking at your organisation with fresh eyes? Will you work with us to create a path that will lead from “as-is” to better results?

We work with organisations across sectors and all sizes from small businesses to not-for-profits and corporates. We create programs to suit your size, capacity for change, and business needs. Our programs can be as small as a new approach to selecting the ideal candidate, or a coaching session with an employee in need. Or they can be multi-pronged approaches such as assessing the culture, providing analytics and developing skills.

We will partner with you. Many consultants provide advice without focusing on implementation. We work closely with you to ensure that the changes are successfully embedded.

Contact us to book a time to discuss your needs.

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Experienced & Award Winning

Your Principle Consultant and Harrison Solutions Partner is Ganga Harvey. She works with a range of Associates chosen to meet your business needs.