Building Workplace Engagement

Assessing individual and workplace engagement, building skills to foster engagement, and integrating engagement into structure and strategy.

Our Focus is on People, Processes, and Performance

More specifically, on helping people succeed through behavioural awareness, find fulfilment in their work, experience good leadership, and be empowered with appropriate support.

If your employees aren’t engaged at work, they are costing you more than you might think. Disengaged employees cost companies in lost productivity each year, and turnover is expensive. However, a company with engaged employees can see substantial increases in revenue and productivity.

Indra Process and Performance Consulting brings an approach to workplace engagement that is suited to the expectations of the modern workforce.

  • Business Problem

    Traditional approaches measure group engagement and ignore individual data.

  • Unique Approach

    We measure the 18 key employee expectations that drive individual engagement.

  • Shared Responsibility

    Our approach facilitates regular rich conversations between an employee and their manager.

  • Strategic Alignment

    Rich interactive analytics inform both organisational strategies and team-level goal setting.

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Underpinned by Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments Award winning technology

Using predictive data analytics based on more than 30 years of ongoing research to define, measure, benchmark and develop performance and engagement.

  • Predicts Performance

    Automates processes to select high performers, identify emerging leaders, and manage succession planning.

  • Develops Leaders

    Builds skills to effectively lead people, execute strategy and achieve business goals.

  • Engages Workforce

    Analyses whether key engagement factors are being met and highlights required actions.

  • Transforms Cultures

    Provides analytics that accurately identify cultural performance, engagement and retention factors.

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  • 2500000+

    People Assessed

Become a Harrison Partner

Join Harrison's team of over 600 partners across 70 countries. As a Solutions Partner of Harrison Assessments for over 20 years, we train, support and guide HR Consultants, Recruiters, Coaches and Business Consultants so that they can bring the cutting-edge analytics to their clients.

Integrate the power of Harrison Assessments into your organisation

Have access to the powerful analytics and range of reports across your organisation. We install systems, provide training and assist in integrating Harrison across your organisation.

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Our Services

Transforming Organisations

We work with you to clarify your aims and objectives, and build understanding of the current situation. Our solutions are unique to your organisation, designed to produce your required outcomes.

As well as these solutions tailored to your business needs, we also offer a series of programs and workshops aimed at improving the engaement and personal fulfillment within your organsiation.


Our Clients

Building relationships

We work with organisations across sectors and all sizes from small businesses and not-for-profits to corporates, that are committed to change and open to building engagement and workplace fulfillment.


Stay Informed

Articles and insights across many aspects of business and personal engagement, from leadership and culture change, to process and performance measurement and improvement, leadership, recruitment, and more.

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Ganga’s assistance with profiling key members of our leadership team has been invaluable. Using the Harrison Assessments as the basis for discussions, Ganga worked with our leadership team to help us identify similarities and differences in our approaches and subsequent advantages and gaps within our leadership team. We appreciated Ganga’s calm and pragmatic approach, supporting us through this process and coaching individuals to understand how they can perform at the best within their roles.

Sarah Leo

Chief Operating Officer - Resonate

Kelly Tillage has achieved a remarkable transformation since the implementation of the Harrison Assessments system and with the expert guidance of Ganga. We’re able to select candidates who are perfectly suited to our roles, craft personalised development approaches for our team, and gauge our employee engagement using the Harrison approach. This invaluable partnership allows us to focus our efforts strategically, and to secure our goal of being an extraordinary and successful workplace where talent thrives.

Calvin Stead

Managing Director - Kelly Tillage

Working with Ganga has been a game-changer. From day one, Ganga was committed to understanding our needs and fostered an open and collaborative partnership. Through the use of the Harrison Assessment Ganga supported the Executive team to understand each other better which created a more cohesive and motivated team than ever before. I highly recommend Indra Process and Performance Consulting services to you.