Become a Performance Focused Organisation

become a performance focused organisation

Forget the old definitions of Performance – they belong in the past. Organisations have three Key Performance Areas and each one deserves focus. Become a Performance Focused Organisation.

Aspects of Performance

It is unfortunate that the term Performance Management is synonymous in many organisations with the management of under-performing staff.

I am constantly challenging that notion with my clients. It isn’t helpful to the organisation if such a powerful concept becomes associated with a small part of Performance Management.

A Performance Focused Organisation

Performance Management is the management of all performance within an organisation. A Performance Focused Organisation (PFO) is one that ensures a structured, coherent focus on Performance at all levels as an integral part of the way in which it conducts its day-to-day business.

There are three key aspects of Performance Management within a PFO. They include but extend beyond the management of people. (And as a side effect, when each aspect is strong, the need to manage poor performance almost disappears.)

The Three Aspects of Performance in Organisations

1. Performance Management at the Workforce Level

Maximising performance through an environment that engages staff, provides clarity and direction, develops and supports them, and gives meaning to each group, team and individual.

2. Performance Management at the Process Level

Maximising performance through attention to the systems, processes and workflows that are the units of effectiveness and efficiency in an organisation.

3. Performance Management at the Organisational Level

Maximising performance through the provision of a culture that fosters an environment of growth, knowledge and wisdom, builds capability, is focused on strategy and true leadership, provides organisational clarity, embodies integrity and respect, and that builds loyalty and commitment in staff, customers and suppliers.

Maintain Balance

Organisations are tempted to adopt catch phrases such as Client or Customer Focus, Service Focus, Talent Focus or being Process Centric. This approach pays attention to one or two aspects of performance and it is easy to exclude the rest.

Performance comes into balance when each of the three aspects are continually reviewed, monitored and strengthened, and are aligned with the organisation’s Mission and strategic intents.

Can we help you?

If would like to discuss any aspect of performance, please call. Would you like your organisation reviewed for pressure spots? Are you an aligned Performance Focused Organisation? We are so passionate about our work, we love to talk.  Wherever you are, call us.

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