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Are you feeling tired at work? Perhaps a little bored? Lacking some spark? Suffering from the Winter Blues? We all need to reboot and renew ourselves occasionally.  Here are 10 different ways to locate that spark again. Get back to balance and wellness at work.

1. Use self assessment instruments to learn more about your style, motivations and values.

Building your self awareness and exploring your motivations and your life themes can help to build your sense of value at work and will offer insights into how you can use your strengths for greater impact. We recommend using Harrison Assessments.

2. Read one book a month on topics related to self growth and development.

Be inspired by the thoughts and experiences of others.

3. Get involved in volunteer or community service role that has nothing to do with your job.

Taking your mind off of work and giving your time and energy to a worthy cause can reignite your passion. Organisations often have charities or community services that they support and provide opportunities for staff to be involved.

4. Spend 5 minutes a day in a quiet space, visualising yourself attaining your goals.

The research shows that spending meditative time visualising yourself being the person that you want to be and achieving your work and personal goals increases your success rate. Make it a daily habit.

5. Find a coach.

A coach can help you focus, build skills, develop self awareness, use your strengths more effectively, reach your goals and/or make changes in your life. Find a coach that you can work well with, and allow them to challenge you to greater heights. (Call us if you would like to explore coaching with our expert coaches.)

6. Locate an online or in-person training resource that will challenge you in an area  you feel least confident about.

Want to build your network skills, your assertiveness, your strategic thinking? Want to balance your life and need help to do that? Find a course that suits your needs and will challenge you to develop, and sign up for it.

7. Ask your colleagues about your key strengths.

To get a strong handle on how others perceive you, and discover strengths that you did not know that you had, ask your colleagues to tell you about your top 3 strengths.

8. Journal Daily.

Journaling can build self awareness too.Explore your thoughts, actions, experiences, golden moments and the things that give you happiness and hope via a journal. A Gratitude Journal is also a wonderful way to refocus yourself on the joy that you have in your life and at your work.

9. Enjoy the process of renewal and revitalisation.

Have fun working on these 9 ways to renew yourself. Remember, it is always more about the journey than the destination.

10. Bring your new self awareness into play at work

Having built a stronger awareness of your self, your motivations and values, behaviours and styles, plan to use that new found confidence in strategic ways in the workforce. This will help you achieve those goals and form new relationships.

You may find that some of the habits built while using these 10 ways will become life long habits!

Take care, balance life and love your work.


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